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January 13, 2008


Bonni Elizabeth Hall

I know what you mean. She's not funny any more, she's just tragic. Pathos in the truest sense of the word.

Your drawing is... appropriate. And it's not mean-spirited or anything, so don't worry.

I must say, I do like the personalised Frappucino cup and Those Boots. Nice touches.


Your picture is fine, no worries!

The Britney situation is really sad though...she has the exact mannerisms as my mom who was bi-polar and ended up taking her own life bc she couldn't handle the extreme highs and lows of it. I hope Britney gets exhausted from all this and gets help.

I wish these tabloid magazines and some of these nasty bloggers would understand that and back off a little, but I suppose in today's world that's not possible.

Love your work! xoxo


I am not a Britney fan by any means but that doesn't make me a Britney hater by default. This woman is ill and she needs and hopefully will receive help. I have noticed a small number of bloggers backing off her. I think thats a good thing a better thing is if someone would be able to get through to her and help her with her disease. That is going to be the most difficult task. Good luck Britney!


David, I think you are so truly compassionate. You not only tried to stay away from Britney, you DID stay away...FAR FAR away. Your illustration probably makes you "feel a little gross" because it sadly portrays the truth. We use think "oh, there is crazy Britney craving media attention."
Now, it is pretty hard to deny, she is really mentally ill and there is no one around her she can feel she can trust -- and with good reason. Unless, she can find someone who is truly willing to help her and not exploit her -- your portrait is dead on (no pun intended).

OMG you need email alerts so I know when you draw her. I been checking every day and here it is today. Thank you even though I know you're torn but...PoorBritney loves these images because it is so sad and so Brit.

I feel sorry for her a lot too but at some point you have to have at least ONE minute of clarity and seek help. She has been overheard telling anyone who will listen that she will never get help, and that she knows it irritates people that she is with Adnan the Badman so she does it on purpose too, so that pisses me off and allows me to post your wonderful art. Thanks thanks David.

Holy Cuteness

She needs help, a lot of help... I really hope she gets it!


This is HILARIOUS and oh so true. I really would love to see her get her life back together, but as a child of a drug addict, I know that doesn't happen very often at all.


its a matter of life immatating art.
britney really needs to get out of hollywood, more than anything this girl needs a time out, taken to some resort and left at peace for a couple months. if she does suffer bi polar it is treatable if not for helself but for those poor kids who have to grow and mould in this kind of enviornment start loving yourself and those kids


I dont know if you are aware of this but the fact that perez hilton is using your brit pic in a heath ledger joke is absolutely discusting!


Yep, Perez gets a little more repulsive all the time.


Again, brilliant.


What's up with her ears?

william wingard

She seems to be doing ok right now but time will tell

Shruti Haasan

Love the caricrature.

Well, she's been better, hopefully she's dose out and realize who she's become.

I hope we don't have another Winehouse on our hands.

Britney Spears Fan

First of all I don't think that Britney is a time bomb, she just had a huge amount of problems recently. Now she kinda regained her own control and her Dad is obviously caring a lot about her. Even Mom is trying to help so I hope that she will be back on tracks very soon. Now she has also settled an agreement with K-Fed over the custody and that's probably very important for her. And in fall there will be a new album. So I think she will be a big star again.

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