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January 07, 2008



For the love!!!!! The next movie won't make any money. That scene was the best part of the movie and the reason it did so well at the box office!! I will boycot until there is skin.


I will gladly join the boycott! I love me some Bond and I DEFINITELY love me some Daniel Craig, but when the two come together and there's either a bathing suit or good, old fashioned nudity, there ain't nothin' better!!

I commend you for showing restraint and not drawing Britney and Dr. Phil. God knows I couldn't stop myself, but you're a better person for it. And I couldn't agree more about Daniel Craig. I want full frontal in the next one!

Chris from Hunk du Jour

How can that be?!? Daniel, say it ain't so! They got SO MUCH BUZZ last time around with that one photo zooming around the net...

the caricaturist is fab!!! excellent work

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