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January 15, 2008



Love the picture of him... ugh, he is just the yuckiest! And what do you even say about these 'girls' who degrade themselves on these types of shows? At least it gives me somthing to laugh at!


I took one look at Bret's package on the front of that website you linked to and said NO. *shudders*

Speaking of skanks, I herd (tee hee) there was a whole transport truck of them dropped off here in the city when Tommy Lee showed up to do a DJ gig in our blue collar town. Now, Tommy Lee, I wouldn't mind picking up a bug or two from...

midevil MUST draw it every week!

Dr. Ding

Ah, eyebleach. Sounds festive!

Seriously: when I read your blog I actually contemplate getting cable TV. And then the mind candy wears off and I forget about it for a few days, only to start the whole vicious cycle of addiction all over again.

Sigh. I wish I could quit you or your tawdry Tivo ways Gilmore, but your inky goodness always pulls me back into your orbit.

Dr. Ding
Note to self: do NOT get that neck tattoo of two stars. Or drink eyebleach.


I clicked the link to see the pics of these [alleged] ladies on the vh1 site, and boy oh boy, you must have had your pic of which train-wrecks to draw!
There's one of "Jessica" - a real prize in an off white clinging dress, clutching the material around her crotch grinning crazily into the camera. *shudder*
If I were male and I saw this bitch coming at me, me peens would crawl up inside, I'm fairly sure.


I was so bummed that the housewives will be over. No Wednesday laughs for me.
I love the fact that you are watching Rock Of Love. I watched last year and got sucked in. I watched the new season last night also.
What a bunch of skanks! I can not believe that he likes that sort of woman, he is so gross.
Thanks for the great entertainment!


I'm so glad you decided to join us on the evil side and watch this second edition train wreck. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but season 1 was infinitely more interesting and the womenfolk slightly less freaky and more comic book character like. Bert (what we call Bret at TwoP) has been plastic surgery freshened since season 1 too. He got a new My Little Pony hair bandanna Wigzilla for the new show too! Now you just have to fall for the even bigger VH1 trainwreck show "Celebrity Rehab" Jeff Conaway is the scariest thing on tv, much worse than Bert or his bimbos.


Peeing over the 2 stars tattooed is always a good look comment! You nailed them as usual & Yes, I had Aubrey & Albine confused. You must be itching to draw Albine ... WAIT ... who was that straight up 80's Jersey Shore Aqua Net big honkin curled bangs separated from the rest of the teased hair girls name? Christine? You-Must-Go-There!


Pff.... Screw 'Rock of Love'

Bring on Season 2 of "A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila" and bring back that hot bitch Dani!!

Id much rather see hot dykes battle it out with hot jocks than crusty old "Band-Aid" groupies dried out from the 80's.

Ps. Bret Michels is still hella f*ckable!


I can't wait for Flavor of Love 3... cause you know the hoes on this show will be nothing compared to the hoes on FOL3.


The level of skank on this show simply exceeds any level of skank ever established. Although I DID like the girl who won last year - she came to her senses, God bless her young little heart.

sabina alam

great as usual!


Please keep drawing, I love your houswifes stuff and this is yet another one of my ridiculous guilty pleasures as well. Your friend can tell you there were some great moments last season that would have made for some killer drawings like Brandi's face whenever she threw up or was about to. Bret is still f*ckable but only from a distance.


yes! thankyouthankyouthankyou! thankyou for drawing Ambre, thankyou for drawing "crack rock of love"! ahh, i am now fufilled :D (more more!)


Oh my God -- you totally captured Bret and the "ladies." Bret is actally 44 -- born in March of 1963. He's had alot of (bad) work done. Wait until you see this -- some of the "ladies" from Season One are coming back to a few of the Season Two episodes to help Bret pick his ummm...true love. Would love to see you draw some of the Season One chicks like Rodeo (the loudmouth faux cowgirl/bodybuilder), Lacey (the show villain, PETA freak, attention whore), Jes (the winner/"nice girl"), and Heather (the overly processed bleached blonde stripper with the Cheeto orange tan).


Wow on the first episode of rock of love 2 i cant belive that u kept some of those girls i hope catherine gets picked

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