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December 06, 2007


Hey, that's Photoshopped! Oh.... wait.... uhmmm....



That last picture in the link, where it looks like Amy is hurling something and another chick is standing there laughing? It looks like an action-shot of your pal Bobbi Pretty-at-a-Distance. Life imitating art?


The nose doth runneth over, but it is only for art's sake, really.

I love the mouth!

I wonder if you or 14 will do a wonderful cubism portrait of Ms. Wino--can't wait to see it! ;)


I usually love your site and your work, but I think this is inappropriate because she is so deep in her addiction and it's going to kill her soon if she doesn't get help.


Oh my, she really needs help...

Yep, you're definitely going to hell for this one. Well done!


As soon as I saw that pic on TMZ, I KNEW you would be "johnny on the spot" with YOUR rendition! I know you love the Wino!

XOXO ~Sindy Lew

laura linger

She disgusts me. You're spot on with your picture here. What a waste of a human life.


Oh my god that is great!!!

Dr. Ding

Someone needs to get this woman to a Dolly Madison treatment center, stat. When you stop caring that you've got powdered sugar dripping out of your schnozz, that's a serious, serious addiction. I mean, a little frosting around the nostrils, hey...that happens to everyone, and who hasn't "experimented" with a lil bit of donut glaze when they were younger?

But this is at least 50cc of pure beignet dust, people. This is serious, pernicious disease. If you start mainlining that stuff....goodnight.

Seriously, someone needs to give her my bidness card.

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