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December 17, 2007



Such beauty, Gilmore, but where is the sparkly magic dust?

Holy Cuteness

I heard she also might go to jail...:-s


fantastic artwork, love the colours.

i agree, its sad she's wasting her talents. i hope she gets help ASAP before something worse happens !!!


I think you made her too pretty. Part of my fascination with her is that she ALWAYS look so beat up. But you still did an awesome job!


This is great. Do you think she might have two turtle doves and six geese a-laying stuffed in there?


she looks too pretty here. haha almost with the intensity from tyra's eye.. i think there should be coke sprinkled all over like fairy dust=p haha
merry xmas gil!


Draw some pics of Tailor Made and Buddha- but mostly Tailor Made because he's bizarre and I know you could capture his essence!!

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