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November 19, 2007



My three fave sites are not only in harmonious contact, but have produced a 'love-child'???!!! Ah, i'm in heaven!!!!

Madame M

I commented over on 14's site, but it truly is eerily cool. And I just noticed the attention to detail on your version of her "bosom"-- those nasty, misshapen ridges of implant scar. Truly horrifying!

Jenn F.

Love it, love it, love it. You're a dangerous combination, you three.


This is soooooo crazy! I bet that was fun to do :) but those boobies look like they hurt! LOL!~


I'm lovin' it. While I have a minor in studio art, there's no way I could ever come close to your ingenuity. Please keep it coming!

Dr. Ding

Pambo must have morphed into some kind of Lovecraftian monster as a result of all that silicone and tanning combined with tofu-based champage...Cthulhu, perhaps? The great tentacled giant squid-being who sleeps until awakened and will then of course devour the world?

Seems about right. Only in this case, the world will be squished into submission by two giant, all-seeing nipples. Oh the horror!!!

LOVE this collaboration, even if it is unspeakably evil-looking. That's what makes it fun.

Dr. Ding


Hi David, Like I told 14 you guys rock!! This is an excellent "corpse" project! I hope you guys do another again. Keep up the incredible work! Happy late Thanksgiving!Nechyfer

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