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October 30, 2007



That's their Sunday-morning church wear.


No te metas con Katie y con Tom ellos son una pareja seria q no se anda haciendo publicidad por alli como otras parejas q solo les importa la fama y el dinero como a Victoria Beckham q no la soporto, DEJEN EN PAZ A TOM Y A KATIE POR FAVOR!

Dr. Ding

Oh. Mah. God.

About the greatest hair ever, indeed!

I chuckled aloud at this one, pondering the true appearance of Xenu, and wondering if perhaps Miz Holmes = Xenu. Hmmmm. I believe my theory bears some consideration, and the secret clues in your blog add credence to the notion that the alien overlord has arrived in Holmesian form.

Now...if I can just get the antennae on my tinfoil beanie adjusted so I can contact The Mothership...Ill be off!

Up up and awaaay!

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