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October 28, 2007



You know, you really have shown us the versatile roles that Tom is truly cut out for. If I were his agent, I'd be kissing you with tongue right now!

just hurleygurlie2388

is that a flashlight katie has in her pants, or is she just happy to see me?


I love the way you've captured his "leaning" teeth! Too funny!!! You're great!


Damn! Did Brody inherit that, uh, 'attribute' from his father, Bruce Jenner? I see why Brucie was so popular with the ladies in the 70s/80s if so. Oh yeah, TomThumb shows great promise in all these roles... (psst, I'll be looking forward to see what the $cientoes try to threaten you with to make you stop pounding on Tom..they have more dirt than the KGB)


This is hilarious, you kill me!!
Katie's wang says SO much about them and Tom's wonder woman outfit on his cherub-esque body takes the Halloween candy!!
Love you!!!

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