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October 08, 2007



Oh well done, now can you take the piss out of Vicky's impression of BIG BIRD!!


haahahahaha what a funny image. the whole plane stocked full of hairspray, fake lashes and Manolos. I'm shocked the Spice Girls are getting back together-- Posh seems to have a huge ego to agree to spare the spotlight with others onstage, right??? I like the way you portray the plane as Posh. remember when the Spice Girls was ruled by Ginger back then? Now it's all Posh, Posh, Posh!


Beckham boat ya! Yayayayayaya! Mmmmhmmm.

*goes out and buys a carton of cigarettes*


this picture is hilarious!!! Thanks for the laugh. The plane looks just like her...


You are too funny

-Tiff from Jerz

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