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October 18, 2007



I dunno, that guy on the left there is showing a rather straight looking ridge on top--is that caused from plastic surgery?


lol... okay, I didnt notice the boners until I stared at it for a minute.. you never fail to crack me up.
hey, Adrianne Curry (Americas next top model.. surreal life... my fair brady) is asking people to photoshop her hubby Chris Knights (Brady Bunch, my fair brady) head onto random shit for his 50th birthday.. I immediately thought of you..


sick : )


I didn't notice all the erections 'til now. Love it David (and the guy fun pictures too in the first link ;))


I hate to say this, because Ricky is hot, but he almost looks a tiny bit like...Perez Hilton there.

I'm sorry, Ricky. (sniff)

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