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October 17, 2007


Bitter Jealous Fatties

Awwww.. I love Richard. He's from my hometown and went to school with my aunts. He may be the most deeply in denial flaming gay man in America but he is awesome! If you ever need a funny laugh, try watching some of his exercise videos, he's a hoot.


Oh this is the greatest!!! Love it David. I once walked past his house up in the Hills and the windows were fogged with condensation and you could hear bad 70's music blasting through the walls. I wonder what he was doing in there? Also, his meailbox is an exact replica of his house. Charming, no?

excellent work wonder twin

Dr. Ding

Love it Gilmore!

Richard is on fie-yah! I'd like to see him in something with a lot more glitter...possibly also some purple marabou feathers. Rhinestones! Tinsel! Swaths of opalescent, diaphanous fabric arranged in giant bows! Metallic Christmas balls dangling from every seam, hem, and uh opening! Neon lime, leopard-print platform shoes! Understated accessorizing!


I used to do Richard Simmons' diet plan (he was doing the "points" thing before Weight Watchers was!) and "Sweatin' to the Oldies", too (hey, it was the 80s, and you got the choice of Richard or Jane "My body has always looked this good" Fonda, okay?). I actually really like Richard Simmons. I think you've really captured him here. I love the bug-eyed experession on his face.

Maybe he could dress up as a 70s-era Leo Sayer? Richard would look great in a sequined clown outfit.


He's an intense guy, wow!

You totally forgot the Bride of Frankenstein strips in his hair!


He should go as a man. No one would recognize him.



you're a great artist...and you know how to make people laugh with ur artworks!

Jamie Susan Keller

Maybe he should just wear pants for Hallowen?


Richard Simmons is my hero. I actually found an illegal website with Simmons' home-made porno vids to rent. Every time I watch, it gets me off.
I just love those thunder thighs... and the buns of steel.


I just started sweatin to the oldies 2 weeks ago, but I have to say I have never felt better. Richard Simmons is inspiring, he has that caring side about him that just reaches out and grabs people, I know he did me. I just want to say thank you to him, he is a angel in deskies.

trader j

great pic love it! makes me smile good old richard simons couldnt miss him from a mile away! great site put a smile on my face!


That image at the beginning the article is TOO funny. he looks how he acts.haha

he is a great person though all kidding aside.

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