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October 15, 2007



Where are all the peni she usually inhales, huh?


haha. what a dumb, spoiled, untalented, stupid greedy pig. I hate her, she needs to fuck out of Hollywood and just go away.


lmao to the first comment- if that car could talk it'd be saying "oh shiiiiiiiiit!!!" lol!

L. Lohan

ZOMG! I, like, *sniffs* TOTALLY don't touch that stuff, anymore!! **sniffs even louder**

Madame M

Pretty disgusting. Maybe she can market vacuum cleaners?

Too predictable?



Thanks! Yeah, but you know, after taking another look at that piece of art, I'm suddenly hungry, and I don't know why. You wouldn't happen to have a couple bags of chips on you, would you?


LMAO I love you. Your sketches are always on point!! This greedy bitch deserves to be broke she has no talent except maybe in the dick department but thats only cause she has more experience with that than acting.

-Tiff from Jerzzz


You pulled it off! I knew you would.


LOL! Awesome! This is my absolute favourite of your celeb-art!


This bitch is an embarrassment to the old fashion starlets. A fucking EMBARRASSMENT!


The girl is truly fucking stupid. If she had half a brain, she'd be a genious. Anyone else with $7 million might, I don't know, bank it and live off the fucking interest????

Jesus H. Christ. She should just jump off a bridge. In Australia, where there are lots of sharks.



It's important that we use forward thinking in the process of coming up with solutions. What environmental organization is going to take on the challenge of deathly-ill-shark-recovery after they eat her?


She is not only a partying coke thief, she also tried to come up with her own spray tanning solution line. Funny, she stole it from someone and was sued....Such a joke

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