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October 31, 2007


Doodle Whore

I think you were way too kind to Spencer. It looks like he stuffed his pants with a ChapStick. He was foolish to even try to one up Brody's beautiful and bountiful bulge. Keep up the great work you dirty birdy!

Vince- Turtle wants his socks back!

Adrian Grenier was clearly going for shock value and he succeeded. The buzz across the web about his costume is amazing. He is getting a lot of free publicity out of one costume. I didn't think he could top his trip to Australia, and his bevy of blonde Aussie babes, but he did it!

You go, Adrian!!!!

just hurleygurlie2388

LOL you are so weird! but i still love you : ) hell, that's WHY i love you!


Suddenly I find Brody undeniably sexy. I am so shallow.


Yup.. Brody just got a lot hotter in my eyes..


I hope Brody's package is real. It's so perfect in that Robin costume.




i actually feel sympathy for spence now.
adrian's is definitely stuffed.
brody - it's TMI, but nice to know....


Mmm baby, break me off a piece of Brody. Adrian... it would have been awesome if he had let his true colors show since I have a major crush on him, but c'est la vie! And yeah Spence is sorely lacking. Maybe it is one of those miracle Penii that grow exponentially when hard??

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