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October 16, 2007



You are so seriously talented. You captured her mongoloid expression really really well, haha


Wow I am going to start calling you Nostradamus to the Stars lol Loving it!!!!


I always think Britney looks a little like Little Edie, from Grey Gardens...


You don't miss any details, do you?


haha I cant wait to see the actual mug shot, thats going to be HILARIOUS. But not as funny as your drawings. xoxo

-Tiff from Jerzzz


Only thing wrong with the pic is her nail polish. Hers is always chipped. Other than that. Great. I love your work. I always wondered how long it takes you to create your art?


OMG. LOVE the black extensions showing from under the wig. BRILLIANT!

It's been how many months since she shaved her head and she still doesn't have her own hair back? Something's fishy, like she keeps shaving it because she cragy.


You are fabulous! This & Britney's album cover. Completely correct interpretation..

fantastic job!!!


I was quite unhappy when they announced that Brit´s mugshots won´t be published. But then, fortunately, you made my day by giving me a quite accurate substitute...And i see you also noticed the funny shape of her ears...Lots of love, sim


This should be her new album cover. The beat weave peeking out from behind the pink wig is perfect. Dual ciggies in each hand...every detail is right on. Another great work of art. I wonder if she ever sees these pictures?

Oh thats right, she's too busy hanging with the x-17 photographers to be online!


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