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September 20, 2007



haha... sexy. I wonder, where does one even FIND head to toe fishnet stockings? The first picture kinda has a bit of an Amy Wino vibe to it, lol

Madame M

The third body looks a little Mariah Carey-esque. Hmm.... I see a bold career move for either one.


I didn't know who this Oscar dude was until I saw your pics! Now, I harbour mixed feelings for him! Hmmm...


He is famous in USA for the Box Sport
Oscar de la Hoya.
Anyway, he look horrible in pink!


HAHAHAHA. the two bonus pics are the best ones. classic. you are a genius. i love this site.

Account Deleted

It turns out they WEREN'T fake!

Not that it matters. He's got great legs and can obviously rock the pumps. He's got a career at La Cage, if nothing else.

joe to hell

HA! the last one looks like mariah carey dressed as madonna for halloween.

even so, he looks better than mariah

Account Deleted

Hahaha, I'm sorry, but make it stop!


i think this pictures are bull shit because the body looks like a womans body and oscar does not have a womans body because he has muscles,secondly his hair in all of the pictures it looks fake.and his body is to skinny to fit his head this is a fact even the background is fucken fake so dream on that that is de la hoya bitches

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