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September 13, 2007



She must have really strong legs to hold up the weight of that jewelry. Excellent colour choices!


Could be worse,

When I'm all alone, I like to clean the house dressed up as a 1950's mutha with a Martini in one hand and a feather duster in the other.

Sabina England

I wish I could have that much money she has. *sigh* living at home in nothing but heels and jewelry sound lovely in a vain way.


lmao to the comment above : ) yeah wouldn't it be nice to have millions and decide i would like to wear bags in public and go naked at home... wow. actually i think i'd be driving around in my pimpmobile(too many cars of choice flooding my brain) and shopping for REAL clothes!!!


If I were that rich I'd buy lots of land to conserve, help children, open no kill animal shelters, etc.


Ha, ha,ha. If i don't know anything else, I know I will get a good laugh from this site. This is the best that I have ever seen her.


eww...thanks for that little image in my brain...I need to gargle my throat after that. You are so unbelievable with the characatures!

trick please

You've captured her smirk well. Like she's sucking on a lemon


OMG!! I love it!! It's so cute!! I'm going to publish it in my web... Hahahaha It's just what I thought... ahahahahaah


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