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September 26, 2007



I cant stand him! Or Diddy either.

But you Gilmore, I adore.


i hate his new rip off of daft punk's stronger. i love daft punk and he totally ruined the song for me. you should beat him up : ( sheesh am i a 3rd grader or what??


Yes you are a 3rd grader. He did not rip off Daft Punk. He sampled their song which they approved. They also agreed to work with him. Ripping off is copying a style or song without first seeking approval.

Dr. Ding

An eyeless Diddy. Can the apocalypse be far off?

I agree w/Cindy....Gilmore We Adore.

Adorate Gilmoreiccus Rex!


If he says it enough, he may come to believe it. I like the pink and blue and yellow, it is so emasculating, which may be how he feels deep down.


You kill me ( in a good way!) I love Wendy Williams and I so miss the drama living all the way in hell over here! Thank you!


I wish this beaver face would just go munch on something and shut the hell up already.


that daft punk sampled song is not his "new" song. catch up. we're on the good life now. thanks.

Mark Murrell

Kanye needs to knocked down off the fake pedistal:

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