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September 10, 2007



I was just telling my husband "you have to see this site.. I cant wait until a "VMA Britney" is posted... and you amazed me, its already here... its here in all its sequined, bloated, raggedy glory... thank you, for making my night.


Oh thank god! What's crazy (other than brit brit's opening act) was when I was watching it and simultaneously vomiting in my mouth...I thought to myself,

I sure hope Prettyontheoutside does a sketch of this

great work!

Madame M

I guess thin (and medicated? *un*medicated) Britney was the real star. I missed the horror last night on purpose, but now it looks as though I'll have to root around to find it. Oy.

(btw-- that is one scary Britney!


She is us--she can no longer present the ideal, she shows the real.

trick please

Though I wasn't a fan of hers, it was kinda sad how she just kinda walked around on stage doing a few booty pops. 50 and Diddy's faces were like WTF?

twatty mcsnatch

The sad part is she looks 100 times better in your illustration than she did onstage. She set the tone for the WORST VMA's ever! And I'm not just saying that cause I'm bitter and old. 50 cents expression was priceless.

Keep up the good work peaches! Love ya.


I miss the old Britney , too.
Amazing picture.


I was rooting for her, as every single person in that show (and did that show suck hard), I felt kind of ashame and envarased by her perfomance, I felt sick even thought I'm not a Britney fan, so dissapointed, she's a really ungratefull person, she just need to go away!


she had a broken heel


I still love you Brit...hope she can get through all this

Maybelline Jones

I'm with you, Gilmore. The VMA perfomance left my stomach doing flip-flops. When's this crazy girl going to get a psychiatrist? I have a few I could recommend ...

Sabina England

Aww, that's not fair. I didn't think her body was that bad-- in fact her body shape is similar to mine-- curvy, with no bones sticking out. I felt bad for her, I really did. And yes, you were right-- her whole career was based on her looks, not her music anyway. But I think people are being unfair about the way she looks-- not all of us women can look like Playboy models, and I don't care to look like one, either.


I find it funny that people are jumping on the fat vs thin band wagon. That's entirely not the point.

There is a multitude of ways one can be sexy, and few of them involve squeezing oneself into ill fitting bras and panties. That's the point. She could have dressed herself in clothes that fit and a look that would have flattered her. The fact that she chose on her own to present herself as a crack momma at Walmart was her her call. So any ridicule she receives, she asked for it.

Add on to that her performance amounted to a weak impersonation of a middle school talent show as done by a zolofted-out soccer mom, and it all crumbles from thereon.

I love the sketch. You do such an amazing job of really capturing someone's expression and pairing it with a scene that says it all.

If that doesn't say it all, I don't know what does, ya'll.


David, I was hoping, wishing and praying for her to be triumphant. I was crushed. Took it all as an affront. What a hot ghetto mess. Poor thing. I love the way you envisioned her eyes. Excellent, per usual.


I totally agree with frifri. Britney Doesn't have an awful figure, but it is not what it used to be. She opened herself up for ridicule by wearing something so revealing. I watched Rhianna perform, and what she was wearing was very sexy and not at all revealing. Britney should take some notes and try again later. I am still crossing my fingers for her. (fantastic sketch by the way)


aw poor kid. she didn't look THAT bad i mean her body is in way better shape than it was a few months ago. and her make up looked good too i'm used to seeing her look like hell. if that was supposed to be her comeback then she is an idiot for lip syncing!!! oh well.


ahaaah very cute and hilarious...
great job...
Hei David how are U??
i hope fine...
kisses from Italy


To 'edward' and others who say she had a broken heel I say she should not have gone onstage and embarrassed herself. I am no big Brit fan but I will acknowledge a good performance. If this was a come back, no one would have jeered if she had to sit this one out til the foot healed. Furthermore, IMO she should sit it out, dry out, take care of herself and her kids and "come back" after she's had time to get herself on track or decide whether she still wants a career. From the looks of things, she acts like she just doesn't care about a career or her kids and to me, that is what is sad.


I swear Brit gets treated like the special kid in the school play oh come on give her a break she was born that way she can't help it don't laugh. Anyway crack is whack as a great diva once said.


I wish we could have watched the VMAs together last night...but then, I ended up not watching it. I was hoping she'd find the passion again and blow us all away, but perhaps she doesn't have it in her anymore. Best to quit while one is ahead, but I'm not sure she has that option any longer because she's so behind. Love your take on her!


Bitter Jealous Fatties

Poor Britney, so drunken deer in the headlights. For a few seconds after she finished I thought I heard crickets chirping before Fiddy and pals decided to be polite like they mommas had taught 'em and clap. Didja see that later that same night she was photographed sans panties getting out of a car with her brother? I think the bottom hasn't quite been hit by Ms Spears yet.

But the VMAs had an abundance of awfulness, enough subjects to keep you sketching/painting for weeks, the faces of befuddlement after her performance, Kayne singing into what looked like the business end of a vibrator, Chris Brown making sweet love to his hand outside his pants while dancing, the confusing mess that was Fall Out Boy, oh the list goes on and on.


She's going to need a bigger snake!


Gimme Gimme, Gimme Gimme a chalupa, a bean chalupa
Gimme Gimme, Gimme Gimme a chalupa, a bean chalupa (oh and a large Fanta..Fanta)


i... might be in love with you.

i have nothing to say on britney because it's all been said... and honestly, i think i'm still in shock.


Captured her eyes beautifully!


This is the most, depressingly and revoltingly shallow caricature I've ever seen. Oh my god. This is like a bunch of people who have nothing to do but dwell in the lives of others. Your lives must really suck. Go get laid.


I think a lot of people are being way too harsh. Many of these trash talkers don't look half as good as Britney does. She had two kids back to back for god's sake! I'm not to say that Britney hasn't had some problems, but you can't be judging her when you know nothing of what she goes through on a daily basis.

The women who post are probably overweight, middle aged and sad with their own pathetic lives. And you guys..more than half of you have got some love handles. You all are worse than me being that I am a teenager who has a great body unlike the rest of you, you'd think I'd be caught up in this world of "perfection" but I'm not. If you want a fantasy go grab the newest Playboy and have fun with it. Britney is not a fantasy, she is human just like the rest of us.


"You all are worse than me being that I am a teenager who has a great body unlike the rest of you, you'd think I'd be caught up in this world of "perfection" but I'm not."

Yes, because there's nothing better than making assumptions about everyone on this site and following it up about unprovable claims regarding your own greatness and superiority. Your commentary is irrelevant. The post is about the fall of Spears from pop fantasy idol to a no-underwear, be-weaved pathetically lipsynching hot mess. This is why this blog is called "Pretty on the Outside." Gilmore draws the differences between the fantasy that is portrayed in mass media and how the celebs really are. They're portrayed as being pretty on the "outside," but as Gilmore shows us, this isn't always true. It's called "irony."

Also ironic is your disdain for "trash-talking" while making callous remarks about others choosing to comment here.

You chose to discuss why you're better than all of the other commentators by making assumptions and then attempting to draw a comparison between your assumptions and Ms. Spears to attack the commentators while simultaneously boosting your own ego by remarking on your own good looks and superiority to all us haters. Fantastic. Move along, kid.

PS: Semicolons are your friend. Learn to use them so you'll stop committing such egregious comma splices.

Darlene (Offbeat Aesthete)

Brilliant, as usual!


Dear Genevieve,


Love Always,


MTV - Britney Spears Exploitation Scandal

Kanye West blames MTV for Britney Spears’ VMA performance's clear they exploited her when she wasn't ready. Leave her alone!

"Man, they were just trying to get ratings, and they knew she wasn't ready and they exploited her," the 29-year-old rapper said Tuesday on Sirius Satellite Radio's "The Morning Mash Up."
The rapper claims the network exploited Spears.

September 11, 2007
Kanye West blames MTV for Britney Spears' less than stellar performance at the Video Music Awards.

"Man, they were just trying to get ratings, and they knew she wasn't ready and they exploited her," the 29-year-old rapper said Tuesday on Sirius Satellite Radio's "The Morning Mash Up."

The network made a "bad move" by having the troubled pop star open Sunday's event in Las Vegas, said West, who feels he should have kicked off the show with "Stronger," the first single from his new album, "Graduation."

"They exploited her, they played me and I really don't mess with MTV," he said.

Spears, 25, looked unprepared while performing her new song, "Gimme More," to a bewildered audience of her music industry peers. She seemed nervous and, at times, stopped singing altogether.

In a praise-filled statement released Tuesday afternoon, MTV said it "... has a long and collaborative relationship with Kanye and we hope and look forward to continuing that meaningful relationship."

West said he wanted to perform "Stronger" on the show's main stage -- where R&B hotshot Chris Brown wowed the crowd with Michael Jackson-esque dance moves -- but complied when he was asked to host a suite party.

West said it was a blow to the ego when Justin Timberlake, who also hosted a suite party, ended up "on the big stage" to give the closing performance with Timbaland and Nelly Furtado.

"Those are the big things, and you know what I do man, I really made the song 'Stronger,' you know, for stadiums," he said.

West -- who threw a tantrum backstage after losing all five categories for which he was nominated -- said he has bonded with 50 Cent over what they view as disrespectful behavior from MTV.

"So why do you have me do 'Stronger' in a suite, but you end the show with Justin?" he said. "I looked at 50 like, yo, we need to help each other as much as possible."

50 Cent has said he'd stop making solo records if West's new album outsells his "Curtis" CD in their first week out. Both albums were released Tuesday.


Gee, David, after seeing you in the underwear shot a few days ago, I'd love to see you in the halloween outfit you describe :)


David, can't you block the commenters who personalize your work and then write a diatribe? It's so annoying. I'm sorry, I'm PMSng.


Isn't there SOMEone out there in blog land that has this on tape? You Tube has removed it and I am just wondering why CPS is not kicking her goddamn door in to take those kids! ps...I want to see you in last year's!


Well, Brittney has been a hot mess for a while now.
The girl doesn't have the kind of folks in her life that she needs - like folks to tell her "No Brit, that ISN'T a good idea." and hell, she may even need help with whatever just isn't "right" in her head the last few years.

But I have to say we are a world of hypocrites. When Calista Flockhart looked like a skeleton with skin...we all called her names for being too skinny. When Lindsey started dropping weight - same thing.

Brit has had two children - and obviously hasn't been living a very "healthy" lifestyle - (unless someone has a new study out that coffee drinks by the gallon and drinking at the clubs all hours of the night are "healthy" choices.) I for one think her body was in better shape than what I had seen in recent times.

She could have worn something that didn't leave her under such scrutiny.
Sounds like MTV tried to get her in a corset type of outfit.

She had the balls to get infront of all the folks in the industry that she may be intimidated by - regardless of whether or not she admires them. Knowing full well that she was lip synching as usual - while Beyonce and Rhianna and other SINGERS are watching her perform.

I personally think everyone needs to take a step back - and cut back on their critism - before the poor girl ends up eating a bullet. THEN everyone will be saying "well, we thought SOMETHING might not have been right....and all those horrible things said about her - THAT'S what pulled the trigger."
If it's true or not - that is exactly what folks will be saying.

And Kayne - man I love most of his music, but when you become an adult - you are suppose to take responsibility for what happens in your life...even what is not totally under your control. Kayne is taking every little F-Up that MIGHT affect his world in the tinest way - and blames it for anything that occurs that he doesn't like.


That's very sad. :(

She could have done better. OR wore something more appropriate for her body.

Anyway, YOU still rock, D. *mwah*


It's been weeks since the performance, but I still forward this pick to EVERYONE!!! You're fucking BRILLIANT and I love you!!

Never stop, babe!!


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