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August 10, 2007



I wonder how Amy would get treated in rehab, I bet the hardcore pro-rehabs working there would be like "I thought you wouldn't go, go go?"




i love the first painting... it's one of the best you have ever made, in my humble opinion... brilliant


Remember when I said I liked her just the way she was? Well...I guess that's because I thought she was like some of the singers in the past, the ones that died in their 50's in basement apartments...I didn't think she actually ran the risk of dying tomorrow with her head in a toilet...this just went from nostalgic glory to grave disappointment... :(

I like that your drunk Amy is still pretty though...

Oscar da Grouch

You are hilarious and talented!

Illustrator nazi

I love the second piece, but I wonder why you didnt use a clipping mask to keep the text going out of the terminal edge? It definately creates much more visual tension and I believe its what could've made a great piece of work and elevate it to the level of extraordinary. Just a thought.


The above painting is a great one.keep it up.
These kind of paintings shall encourage the readers to read or open the site.
keep it up.

Alcohol Rehab

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