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August 21, 2007



Hot! *swoon* True rock star indeed!


Even in his cartoon life he makes me want to barf. He seems so unsanitary and completely void of any sense of hygiene.


The Libertines was OK, especially that song "What Katie Did"...


Oddly he sounds like the Beatles choir boy early chirpy days.


"there's fewer more distressing sites than an englishman in a baseball cap. and we'll die in the class we were born, that's a class of our own my love"

there. now you've read a lyric of his.

Karn Evil 9

After his last mayjah dust-up with Kate Moss, I decided to stop resisting and just check out his music... I looked him up on YouTube and much to my surprise it was pretty good! Not sure I'd necessarily buy the CD's... but it's worth the listen, or in this case, view.

If you're curious, check out the "Babyshambles 2007 Glastonbury Albion/Back from the Dead" posting. If you've got a sharp eye, you'll catch a few moments of Kate and her girlfriends dancing in their muddy Wellingtons, just offstage!


If you really do want to hear an example of his work, here's a quick clip of him singing live.


he needs to get help. just sick.... burn out, fingers and teeth. you're so right on w/ your art gilmore.

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