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August 31, 2007



ur word play is tooooo funny!!!



Haha OMG this is so good! You know your good Gilmore! It looks like her so bad lmaoo...but tell me whats up wiv Lil Kim?? I mean really drivers license or license plates?? lol she is a really funny gal lol

I was wondering can you do Beyonce as your next illustration? I just love the girl, shes so sweet, beautiful and so talented, and she has been doin a lot of positive things lately, just a suggestion anyway...I'd reckon you will be pretty good at it lol Woo Go Beyonce!! =] And of course Woo Gilmore! Your illustrations rock!


omfg she is a moron... you drew her too pretty lol : )


Not to dis lil' Kim at all....but your pictures of her make her look wonderful!

It's too bad you can't do some artistic cosmetic surgery on her in real
might help to get her in a better place.

In your pics she looks normal and kind of real life she looks a little scary.


LMAO!!! She is such a waste of space...


Hello! This is not Lil Kim, this is a doll! Lil Kim is a monster... ewwwww... But I like her lil car... xD

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