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August 13, 2007



I love how you can post a LaLoh or Kelly Osborne and everyone chimes in but you post a bigger from the Beltway insiders from my turf, "Hollywood for ugly people" -DC- and no one comments. Thanks for a break from the clueless and beautiful, frankly Rove couldn't depart soon enough for me. He looks even worse in person.


stay away from politics it is just nasty and divides people!


You NAILED him in this picture. And I disagree with bjorn... politics are totally fair game and also encouraged. Politicians can be just as sad and hilarious as other celebrities... if not more so. ;)


Ah the unwise and goofy gloaters were taken by surprise by Rove's sudden innocent exit stage left.. Note:Be very afraid.. the genius has gotta be free to aid in the upcoming election war.. heh heh heh.

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