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August 29, 2007


Dr. Ding

This reminds me of a scene in "Spaceballs: the Movie" where Mel Brooks' character goes through some sort of teleportation device and comes out the other side just like this. He looks down and screams "How come nobody ever told me my ass was so big?!" It gets me every single time.

Thanks for bringing us this assarific moment, David! Loved it.

Dr. Ding


that is the best ever. Had me crying laughing!!!


that is the funniest pic ever. Had me crying laughing!!


I do gossip updates on the radio and a little snarky gossip blog for my listeners. And I am SO going to put up some of your pictures and direct them here. I have saved you to my favorites! I can't believe I haven't found you sooner. I love to doodle and I really wish I could make pictures like these for my blog. Keep up the great work...I'LL BE BACK!!! (Said in my best terminator voice)


Love this one Gilmore. Brit would be far more interesting to look at if her butt was in the front....errr, if her head was in the back....wait....I dunno. Did you hear her new songs yet? Sublime!
have a good weekend

Ecologie Umana

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My 27-month-old took one look at this and said, "Ooooh noooo." Even he knows this just isn't right!


Oh my God. Until now, I had no idea that drawing was based on a real photograph. What the hell is she doing walking the streets? Doesn't the constant laughter tip her off? Brilliant drawings, by the way. You are immensely talented.


she looks like kate bosworth's ugly evil midget twin. were you trying to make her to be?

yes but oh how I love my poor Britney


That is so deliciously horrible. It reminds me of the Jerry Lewis / Bill Shatner fat head side effect of loading up on anti depressants.

Or maybe it was her steady diet of corndogs and cheetos?

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