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July 08, 2007



I don't know why, but I could care less about these two. I'll wait and paint them after they announce their eventual divorce. Great pic though!

Dirty Whore

seriously, do people really care about these two?

I love this site BTW- great (funny)images!!!

ok! mag is amazing isn't it?
packed with useful tips and
info that helps me through my
they should pair up with
scholastic books and sell them
to kids


Eva shopping in Marge Simpso's closet??

You decide:


I just honestly want to know Who wears it better - here or Marge?


Haha, once and again excellent work, she seems so greedy, how can some people bethat way? and how can some people be like me who doesn't focus on their work or studies just to laugh at celebrities??? I guess we'll never know!


Hahahahahah well, I love them... Eva is pretty. And their wedding... Wooo... Fairy tale.

Hahahahaha Eva's face. Why the red eyes? (you know, Tony)

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