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July 26, 2007



That can't really be her, can it? I know she's crazy but that seems like it was written by a 13 yr old. And was it texted from her phone? Bad spelling is one thing but that entry is a Word Jumble.


Oh I adore Courtney too, she rocks. I don't care what anyone says, her craziness just makes me more intrigued with her!


She's laughing at us.

Sabina England

YES! YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!! I am a fan of Courtney Love, too. People don't give her enough credit as a FEMALE rocker, they just wanna bash her and focus on her being in the spotlight... i'm sick of it all... and I LOVE the drawing. I noticed you took it down from the banner of your blog.

i LOVE the cigarette earrings.. I want them!

C .> Lobve

She's sending us secret coordinates...


okay, i found this and i'll comment. yes, it's a posting by courtney on her blog which looks and reads very much like what she has posted for many years. no, she isn't 13, she's 43 and has the emotional maturity of a 13 year old. no, it's not a text, she never uses spellcheck and the grammar is absolutely typical of adhd (my writing starts out similar). yes, it's a jumble like everything else in her sassy loony brain. courtney is an easy target to make fun of, i'm glad she's trying to get it together.


Great job... you actually made her look halfway decent and sober!

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