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July 06, 2007


D The Artist

I love Amy to death but this is hilarious! Love the details of the missing gap in her mouth and the ashtray on top of her head the most. Keep up the good work!


great pic! i luv luv luv amy winehouse


Amy's amaizing and so are you, I really like both of you, and this painting is danm funny!


Gorgeous! You fascinate me!


love love love the Wino!! Excellent work, my friend!



You can't even hate on Amy. I'm so gay for her that I have been cutting her pictures out of magazines and...yes...taping them to the walls in my bedroom like a 14 year old school girl. I carry her album like it's my purse. At this point, I am pretty sure the Back to Black album is my new boyfriend.

It sucks that she pulls out of shows. I mean, that pretty much answers my questions of, should I fly to LA to see her concert? But Amy is that kind of musician that makes millions of dollars and still manages to die pennyless in her 50's in some crappy basement apartment. And...that's what makes her so, so frickin' great!!!

I guess I'd perfer to see her still living a life that makes sense to her and her music rather than moving to hollywood, becoming friends with Paris Hilton, and releasing a pop album about how she has pretty clothes and a big Malibu house...

I love Amy and I love you...please draw more pretty Amys...


Thanks for ur message, Much love to you from Venezuela it's amaizing what you can enjoy from the internet... (Thanks internet hehe), Long life to Amy and to you!!!

Sabina England

you're an amazing artist. I like, I like.


Where are the spiderwebs?


Ooohh gosh! This girl is GROSS! Ewwwww... I can't believe she had this voice... OMG!!

I love your work!!
You know that... ;)



i love this how can i buy this picture?


i'm otmar from holland, and i'm super addicted to your blog.
i was wondering if could use this painting for a t-shirt. i luv amy winehouse and this painting.
let me know, if its possible or not.

love, otmar.

ps: sorry for my english, i just started with my english class.


could u possibly make a grayscale type graphic for a Amy T from a pic like one of these?

I really love the 2nd pic and think it should be grayscale on a very pale blue t...
i think it would sell really well...

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