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July 20, 2007



OMG LOL!!!!!!!!!
You're sick and twisted.. I love it!
What more can i say?!


I think this movie is going to be so grade school immature. It just seems like one big repetitive gay joke stretched out into two hours, fuckin terrible.

But your artwork is hilarious! I love how theres so much detail on their faces, but not so much on other parts, haa.


why pencil penises????


eheh... actually i don't know, but i'd like to find out... is it wrong if i was kinda turned on by these drawings???? OMG

Madame M

Simply Lol.


Hahah I love it, everything from the Karma Sutra of the Firemen to the "pencil dicks"! Brilliant! I for one am boycotting this movie because of its homophobic implications -that and I am so sick and tired of the same old bullshit "f-got" one liners that get rave reviews and immature laughs from their pre pubescent audience!

Sabina England

oh Allah, why do you torture me so?

I agree that the movie seems homophobic. "Knocked Up" is another stupid sexist movie as well, I found it disgusting and just plainly tacky, one of those lame ass movies for dumb white male college boys who wouldn't know how to lick a woman's clit real good if they tried.

Anyway, your drawings are FANTASTIC. Perhaps some homophobic frat boys will get turned on by these.

Alana Smithee

I laughed for about half an hour, and my stomach hurts. THAT is funny!!!


My index finger is bigger than those dicks. And I have small hands.


This is love. Tru Love!

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