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June 11, 2007



ahaahha very're great David....

p.s.i put your artwork in my blog..thanks!!

Eileen Alvarez

I think that she really has had a change of heart even if it is only for the time being. I know that I have gone through similar things in life and I have had times of enlightenment and that is part of what we call----what is it agian? "GROWING UP???" Yeah, I think thats what that thing is. Hopefully even if she doesn't make a complete change she will at least know that we all have a higher whatever to answer to and that what she does is viewed by the public whether she likes it or not. Either way I wish her the best and at least she gets to know what it is to be just a regular chic even if it is only for a month or however long her sentence is. Only time will tell yeah?


Nice one David!
can't wait to see the new, enlightened Paris! I wonder if she'll ditch the blue contact lenses.


I'm sorry I'm not buying that she was "playing dumb". She's not that good of an actress.

Love the illustration. You are so talented.


Ya she's gonna be our next Mother Theresa. And I'm gonna be the new Queen. RIIIIGHT. Love the pic!


I can't wait to see how she proves to us she's not dumb.
See ya Fri Mr. Gilmore!


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