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June 29, 2007



I'd like her more if she didn't have cankles. lol : (


Mr. Gilmore...

This is looks fantastic. Beautiful fleshtones and you were very kind to her.

what is up with your email? they're all bouncing.


Greg O

Beautiful drawing, your awesome! ^^


this is the first time I check your site (I got to know it trough crunk + disorderly) and i gotta say i loved it i really loved your artwork...i'll be checking on your site more often !! keep up the good work and continue to make us laugh...
much love, Portugal


I love you Gilmore, and just for that I wish I could love Rihanna, but...ick, I don't like her much.


I love your work, I think your amazing. But I must disagree with your love or Rhianna, while she is a very pretty woman, she cant sing. But i guess that doesnt matter anymore


I too agree that Rihanna can't sing! However, she is beautiful. She's almost too perfect looking... kind of waxy.


Rihana is so pretty i was happy to see a picture of her


I love this it is so good and I love rihanna as well but I have a special request Can you please make a picture of my Favorite Celeb He is from High School Musical. His name is Corbin Bleu.


I support the Art work and I love it it's nice. I have a couple of art pieces i id on rihanna she is tallented and a'some. Much love Jackie Martinez L.A.'s Paintress.


Love Rihanna's work. So talented.

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You are very talent. Just make people properly utilize your skills.

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i wish that i can draw like this...great job man

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