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June 24, 2007



Oh dear Gawd! I hope he won't be probing her 'that' way! But I'm sure if he wasn't married he'd be trying. His reputation as a horn dog that will mount anything with a vagina is well cemented in history by now. Love it! You did good but you always do good!


it's going to be the car wreck that everyone will gawk at but be disgusted afterwards for having even looked.

i can't wait to see the ensuing damage.

endora cameltoe

Umm...that painting doesn't even look like Ed Asner and Jennifer Hudson. I was too busy to read the text so am guessing. Anyway, I'm feeling fat and needed to talk about it. I'm not wearing a bra but do have on a really tight floral print wrap dress that I spit up on a little bit before I slept in it last night--on the lawn. What day is it? I think I might be pregnant. It could only belong to Jay Z, Ne-yo, Tim Conway, Pat Benatar, Ashley Parker Angel, Tony Danza or Kidd and Play. I think those are the only people that I've had unprotected sex with in the last few months--but a girl can never be sure!


endora cameltoe is a goddess


My new favorite! (although, I would still love to have my checks printed with the pattern on your previous post)
Keep skewering away!


haha this picture for once really shows what peris hilton looks like and shure describes what she likes to do


I cna only imaging what tonight's King's interview will tell us about her.


her and larry r getting busy on the show u know what i mean

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