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June 14, 2007





I usually go to Gay pride in West Hollywood with friends(I'm not gay myself but my best friend is). I didn't get to go this year.. how was it? But you are right, there's times when I can't believe what people are wearing up and down the street!

Have you been to the Halloween block party they do every year there?


Gummi Bear reminds me of Opera Man from Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Runnig Man.

Mike Zillion

Well now I have to see the original!

Gram Mar

"Are you familiar with oil heiress Jason Gummi Bear Davis? He's really only known because he's the brother of Brandon Greasy Bear Davis, the fire crotch rant guy. Jason is often denied entry to nightclubs. "

An heiress is a woman!

Yes I am familiar with the oil heir Jason Gummi Bear Davis...............


Gram Mar, um, Gummi Bear happens to be quite the effeminate queeny fellow, so heiress would be the correct term.

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