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June 27, 2007



i would like to say how much i admire you and your art. your "homage" to various artists (including Former Inmate 9818783) are intriguing and spot on. i am a model at The Ringling School of Art and Design and i frequently tell the students and staff about your site. and i am totally looking forward to purchasing a couple of your peices for my new apt. keep up the great work. my daily visits to your site are a my favorite way to burn payroll :)

trick please

this is genius, down to the last heart-dotted i ;)


Perfection. Please draw more!


i love it! pinkisthenewblog always posts your pictures and frankly i think they make my day :]


Not only does she have the IQ of a doughnut hole, she has the artistic ability of a mentally retarded six year old. I'm nominating her to compete in the 2008 Special Olympics. Anyone with me?

girl in l.a.

first of all these are hilarious! such a good spoof of her drawings..keep them coming!


OMG ick! :( :)

Gross Boss

We love ya! And our readers too :]]]


I seriously can't breathe right now... I'm laughing too hard! Well done! :)


I have got to say, posting imitation Paris art has been your most ingenius idea yet.



So right on!! I love the one with Britney (Hanes!!). They're all pretty accurate.

I'm looking forward to seeing Paris on LKL tonight to tell the world that she's "changed" and in turn will change the world. Look out world!!

Thanks for the laughs!


Wonderful.. you are 'like' a genius and in a nice way too.



OH MY GOD!!! That was way funny. HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!! Oh wow, you made my night. I can go to sleep now.

Thank you. :)


OMG you guys r so mean.. how can you just totally exploit someone's mistakes of the past... I love Paris. JOKES!! nice work, guys!


HAH! genius. :D

jack ass

paris sucks ass


i love this website. please please rip more people. update as often as tmz, you'd do so well! get sponsors and stuff! be more better?

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