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May 24, 2007


A a k a C a k e

Oh! This is a category I'm looking so forward to!

Love you site!

Maximum Big Surprise

Weeble Wooble!! OMG, too funny!!! These are the type of guys who think they're the sh!t and then go out for a beer after a hard workout! haha

trick please

at least he's trying, eh?


Oh thank you thank you I love the stories so much! You are so talented. Your cartoons really capture those special traits of the Real Housewives and what you've seen recently at the gym cracked me up. I am so happy I found your site. You are clearly a genius!!


You're right. The NY Real Housewives is painful to watch. You would have to switch to something stronger than wine to endure this pain.
I think you might want to switch to The Hills and focus on Lauren and her escapades.I'm sure you could do justice to some of the other characters also.
Thanks for the laughs!

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