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April 03, 2007


Maybelline Jones

Amen! Those Courtney beach photos make me want to shove sharp sticks in my eyes. I almost wish she would have kept the fat than show us that flabby limp skin.


*ahem* Star Jones needs to invest in one of these bad boys too. Tara Reid got herself all fixed up so she's not that bad (Im only taking pity on her cause everyone tells me I look like Tara - I get it at least once a day)

Someone needs to invent a suit like that that ADDS pounds to skinny little celeb ho's like the Olsen's and Nicole Richie and Posh Spice. Now that'd be something to see.


It's true, at a certain age, one-pieces are your friend.


OMG!! Hahahahahahah This is so funny!! I love the Celebrity One Piece... This is the ultimate fashion swinsuit... Hello Courtney! Poor woman, she doesn't know a mirror...



Invent a suit like that and you will be rich. Nice site.

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