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April 30, 2007


DIC Celebrity Gossip

LOL! Just add a balloon of Boy George humming "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" and that would make it all the more horrifying.

Wendy Wayrad

This is exactly what it looked like inside of my head.

Well done!!!


Your are too funny! Thanks!


That's a very pretty illustration, very good!
And your knowledge of gay sex toys seems to be quite up-to-scratch, too! LOL


Maybe he was trying to teach a new HO....old tricks.


Flip horizontal the ilustration because the hat on it is not as it is original and George's LEFT eye is bigger than the right, not reverse!
Anyway the picture is really funny!

Darlene (Offbeat Aesthete)



Funny, the tied up escort eerily looks like Matt LeBlanc.


I fucking love George - and I love this picture! This is how Smash Hits would be reporting it visually, if the mag was still going and had suddenly abandoned its teen circulation, hahaha...

If Boy George is in trouble with the law and Amy Winehouse is in hospital, then IMHO it's just an average day, all's right with the world and the globe is perfectly balanced on its invisible spindle. Or something.


Audun Carlsen better stay on the other side of the pond! That liar should have a bullseye carved onto his forehead. I would love to slit his tongue down the middle.All forked tongue snakes like him should be exterminated! KARMA will get you Audun!!


OK my nipples just inverted, I'm so disturbed.

miss pissed off

you asshole :@ i love boy george but i HATE you
go draw crappy cartoons that don't offend people and maybe someone would actualy laugh with you not AT you!!

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