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April 29, 2007



Check this out. My TiVo already knows who the final four is going to be:


Ugh, I loves me some American Idol but this year I am greatly disappointed. There is not a single idol that I am cheering for, in fact - they all annoy me in their own way.

Melinda - always has this " like me???? Woooooow!" look every single time she gets a single compliment - DESPERATE! Goddamn deer in the headlights...

Chris - meh, you're pretty but please stop singing, you suck.

Blake - you try to incorperate your damn beat boxing one more time I swear to god Im going to run your ass over in the street if I see you

Lakisha - I love your voice but please, dress more appropriately, amen to the large sisters and all that but jesus woman, I cant even get away with the shit you wear and Im a tiny white girl

Phil- You are NOT Chris Daughtry, you will never BE Chris Daughtry so stop it, go join some Phil Collins cover band once you lose AI.

Yah Im a bitch I dont care, my precious AI has been crap this year and Im midly pissed, the only person I liked was Gina and she lost to that tart San-gina, Im just glad his anoying ass has been voted off.

xox I still love you Gilmore!

[ ryan ]

Where's the Jordin Sparks drawing? :)


what about jorden (the best!!!!!))???!!!??!!??!!???!!!


I think its going to be between Melinda and Jordin.... I hope Melinda wins... I want to see how far they'll have to go to make her marketable.

Cause we all know the girl can sing... but didn't win in the looks/neck department.

Mr. Kuntz

Phil's mic looks like a penis he's ready to blow.


These are the best yet! Your simple ink drawings off the TV are gems. I cannot WAIT until we meet up in LA with our sketchbooks and cocktails.



Um, am I the only person who notices that the drawing of Phil a little phallic? Are you implying something about him?


Phil's mic is clearly a weenis, LaKisha's is a chocolate bar or cube of cake, and Melinda's is a tube of fudge. I love how the three mics portrayed are all different from each other, and pretty customized for their singers.

Also, I'll never be able to look at Blake again and not see Robin Williams.

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