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March 21, 2007



Oh Gilmore I want to cry but I am afraid that my eyelashes on steroids were fall out and get soggy, and my make-up will melt dripping down my plastic heaps...let's pray to baby Jesus for a season 3, how else will I continue to feel so good about myself?

Icky Vicky

Gilmore, Did you draw me pretty? Am I pretty? You do think I am pretty, don't you?


Wow! You did capture the essence of Whorie the diamonddigger!


I loved it too... sigh
My guess is they will have 'The Real Teenagers of OC' next season and the wives will show up every now and then...

Vickie looked really pretty on the reunion show! Fresh Botox?? After seeing her with the astrologer I just love her to death! She's a freakin nut job! I would love to hang out with her!
Tammy is by far the most beautiful - those Scorpio eyes!
Lauri has a great body but that face! Maybe she looks better in person?


You forgot Lauri's Adams Apple! She thought all the other ladies were called "Tranny" too? Silly Lauri!


Thank the iron gates of Coto, Gilmore! Your favorite Ho-wives will return for a season 3. Filming starts in June. Don't sharpen your pencil too quick and make sure you take into consideration the additional botox/restalyn/"nose bump removals" that will happen from now until then!

Terry S.

There is a VERY STRONG resemblence between Lauri Waring and Donatella Versace!

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