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March 02, 2007



"serve cold and dry..." hahah... that's great. she reminds me of paris hilton for some reason, and i can't figure it out. the only difference is, at least, Paris pretends to be nice.

Dr. Nat turner

I love that you drew her with an adam's apple and saggy pecs for breasts! I keep thinking this is really some Republican white guy who likes cross-dressing.


Gilmore - You forgot thr arsenic. I wish she would get jealous enough of all the attention Anna Nicole Smith is getting and die already!


Hey!;) Excellent synopsis and painting! Why is this he/she in the public eye in the 1st place? She wrote a book that only the hypocrites of her republican party might have read, (perhaps they just tolerate it/her?) trashing the widows and families of 9/11.This Miss thing is an idiot-bigot with no reason to be in the press. She was on tv with another loud mouth (Rush L.)(phooey..."spitting!")and her skin looked like there was no use tryin botox it doesn't work on the witchy learthery skin, the wrinkles were

Sandra Pyatok

Ann is right on. Pay attention to what she says. She speeks the truth. I Love Her.

madam c

Sorry to see you couldn't resist the urge.

(You could have, at least, painted a muzzle on her)

madam c

I just had to revisit this one of Coulter to say after viewing this for a while I canceled my subscription to a certain publication where she submits articles.

I didn't just cancel, of course. I did the right thing by briefly giving my reason why.
I received this reply from the editor:

"I guess, then, there's nothing more to be said other than you will be

I wanted to reply back. I wanted to say more. But here's what I'm going to do instead. I'm sending him this link. Says it all, imo.

Sabina England

I can't understand 'n' fathom how the hell she had an Ivy League education.And then it hit me. She probably used the Rich White Person card privilege to attend one of the most prestigious universities in this country. Duh.

Ann Coulter, you need to shut the fuck up and go die already. Please.


Woo.. she's got you all frightened and defensive huh?


ha, ha, this might be my favorite yet. you have really captured this attention seeking windbag. As long as she's getting a reaction from us though, she's happy. I cannot stand her.


I love you. I stumbled upon your blog today while trying to find a blog for the Real Housewives of Orange County. Your illustrations are so on point! I'm telling all my friends.


OK this is meant to be rhetorical, but @ Sandra: speeks??? REALLY??? Pretty accurate assessment of this hateful bitch. Nothing good comes from that word hole of hers.

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