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February 12, 2007



i also watched her show. she was crazy and sometimes obviously on drugs/drunk, but there was something very human and likeable about her. something that the britneys, parises, and lindseys just don't have. they are all trainwrecks, but there's no schadenfreude with anna nicole, just heartbreakingly human drama.



Oooh... It`s sad. =( It is something very mysterious the death of Daniel and Anna. I don't like Howard there is something wrong with him, I think he`s... fake. Funny the detail of the eyes, I see him like that. Good Job!^^



Excellent work.


What a spot on rendering you did of him! The eyes! I seriously cannot stomach him, he reeks of an opportunist to me. I watched her show while it was on E too, and he seemed like a "hanger on" to me even then. I'd be surprised if he DIDN'T have anything to do with Anna's death AND the death of her son.

And they REALLY need to get that baby away from him with the swiftness.


Your pictures never fail to make me laugh out loud!!


the eyes are spot on. hes a dirt bag. the whole situation is sketchy.
i had a run in with bobby trendy once in a bar.....foul. im surprised she hasnt done an interview yet.

on a lighter more botoxed note, the REAL housewives were on tonight. looking forward to another caricature.


Those eyes are so scary that the moment I looked at them, I felt hexed with Howard K. Stern creep. Thanks a lot Mr. Gilmore!! : )

love it!



I always felt so bad for Ana... the weight struggle, the drugs, the crazy redneck family... and the death of her son. And I always believed things would get better for her if only she'd get rid of this creepy leech.

He had to have something to do with her and Daniel's deaths... I hope they take that poor baby and keep her far away from him.


haha oh I love your art so much!! You make me giggle.
I am very sad about the whole Anna Nicole Smith thing, I honestly don't think I've ever cried so hard when a celeb died before. She seemed to have never really gotten a fighting chance at happiness for some reason, and she was gone way too soon. As for how it happened or who is involved? oy vey.

PS. Howard K. Stern sure is one ugly mofo!

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