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January 25, 2007



That is, quite possibly, the SCARIEST thing I've ever seen!!


I feel so mean for laughing at that.

kandi kane

Kelly Rocks I know she is Chunk but I love her!!!!


shes fat. nobody wants to see her naked. if she wants to look like that its okay but its like telling the modeling industry to put fat people on the runway, even if we criticize that we´d be pissed off if all models were fat. its not pretty and that wahy obesity is clasified under the name of problem and un healthy and not under the name of pretty. i dont want to be mean but kelly could lose a few, especially if she has the maoney to afford a trainer, a chef and who knows waht else. hef is right and i support his decision.


it's brandon davis in drag!


Oooh my eyes! My eyes!! Come on! Who wants to see her naked? Please... Hahahahah Hef said "I can't see it happening somehow - we don't airbrush to that extent" Hahahaha... Hef is cute!! xD



I guess this would be the 'new thing' for Kelly to do so she can say to herself one day, "What is it that Kelly Osbourne HASN'T done?" A low subscription rate is no excuse to feed what is already a self important ego.


hello people


Hey why not I think it would be very intresting, whos to say who should be nude or not I think Kelly wouldn't look that bad nude infact I think she would look alot better than most that have posed nude, Understand REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES!!!


Tila Tequila has used your image (probably) without your permission on her pedo-friendly website:

Don't let this desperate media whore steal your images!

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