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January 30, 2007



17 is legal in england, so it's okay to look...But, you still don't want to, because it's widdle Harry Potter!


Am I wrong to think Hairy Potter looked kinda hot in those photos?


He is ONLY 17!!!!!!!!!!! OMG... =O I got evil thoughts too... Come on, He looks hot! :P



you just can't help but drool a little -- he does look absolutely breathtaking in the promo shots. all lean muscle and yumminess.
who cares how old he is, there's nothing wrong with appreciating a well-toned body. (as long as that body is a minimum of 16 years old.)


I think he look good and hot in that pose...


I remember having to watch the movie Equus in my media class in high school. I found it extemely artistic and look forward to seeing again. Though I can never look at the Harry Potter movies the same way ....I always thought Ron was the hot one.


sorry to disappoint you yanks, but over here you cant look at anyone naked below the age of 18 ... however, you can slip one in if you keep your eyes closed if they are over 16 lol *strange english laws, you gotta love them*


I always thought ron was the hot one too! ah underage men...if guys can look at illegal girls, I can look at illegal men. he does look quite buff though. a little hairy, I agree.


The red head kid is eww, redheads are so weird looking plus shh! they have small units, I always thought the kid who play Harry was always cute but to see these wonderful pictures I am sooo LOCA, I should not look at this pictures anymore he is way too young for me...well just one more look :)


Legal sex age is 16 in Australia. Anyone up for an orgy with Mr. Potter?

Oh, Harry, what a big wand you have! :P


yeah that is Daniel for his play promotion!!!


It's ok to fantasize about him if in the fantasy you fantasize about yourself being 17 too. Right?

Mr. Poopillo

mr poopillo should have thought of this...beautiful!

Darlene (Offbeat Aesthete)

I especially like the look on the horse's face. HI-larious!

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