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January 31, 2007


trick please

I'm afraid your drawing is too close to the real thing for anyone to doubt what show she's on. And this one always has a dopey look on her face

They are all so plastic on that show it's ridiculous.


I totally know who that Botox injected face is!
Nice work.


Its the crazy woman from the real housewives of orange county...VICKI


haha DEAD on, I can't stand this lady, or any of the ladies on the show but I watch it every week for some reason! Love your stuff


Got it instantly! And like you, I can't tear myself away, and I hate myself for that. God, what vapid, empty, twits! did they get all that money? Most of them come across as so stupid they'd starve if someone moved the food dish, yet what they have dangling from their earlobes would pay off my mortgage.


BWAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OMG I almost spit my starbucks out...dang you!

that really made me laugh out loud. i love that show! I think more than anything I just want Slade to leave that stupid girlfriend of his and marry me.

But really nailed that picture...that's the stupid look she has on her face all the time! HAHAAAAAAAAAAA

Juicy News

Love it! This lady is crazy!

Taki Kokiku

LOL I hate that stupid show,but the one I hate the most is the one who resambles EVA LONGORIA!! My god,she is as ugly and ANNOYING as the original!!



You are really good. But I have to say, my husband got hooked on this show before I did, lol!

He thinks the brown one is cute.


OMGG Im dying laughing at this. SOOO dead on.


Hey, it's Truffle Hunter!


this looks just like that lady! i dont watch the show regularly, but i totally knew eactly who it was...


This is who I refer to as the pig face lady. Dead on.

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