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July 01, 2013





You captured her inner Dom DeLuise.
Kudos and cocktail party applause (followed by tossing of a table and critical words about what you are wearing)


LOFL!! LOVE IT!! "You captured her inner Dom DeLuise."!! LMAO!! Thank you ican'tbelieveiwatchthisdamnshow!! Anyhoo....listen the reason I started watching these vampy biotches in the first place is because one Saturday many moons ago the first season of RHONJ had a Saturday marathon of like the first seven shows and I.Was.Hooked!! I love me some Dina but alas she probably had the right idea to get the hell out of there and away from the Bravo tv cameras. I wonder what Caroline and Dina are really fighting about. Anybody know pray tell please tell us!! Now, just like those peroxided, botoxed, fillered biotches from the OC I TIVO all episodes and they just sit there and I haven't watched a damn show since the first 3 episodes of each of the franchises. Please bring Dina back and some glamour to the RHONJ. And Bravo please recast ALL of the RHOC except for Vicki with an i. After all she is the only remaining cast member from the first season. Although she is getting on my last nerve also. I guess Brooks is busy with some 20 year old porn star. Please, Please, Please Bravo bring on the Beverly Hills gals soon before I can't take it!! Now they are the ones to watch!! Thank you David as usual!! Your artwork and depiction of Kathy's sister is spot on as usual and brilliant!! Thank you!

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