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May 08, 2013



That whole scene was so pathetic with her begging that old southern carpetbagger for love


this is a VERY flattering sketch... you are being nice!


Is it just me or has Vicki's skin turned to complete and total sh&T? Her face looks awful! The plastic surgery looks great but her skin is hard to look at when she is onscreen. Vicki......You.Are.A.Millionaress for god's sake!! Get some laser work done sweetheart! Or whatever those magical dermatologists or plastic surgeons do to make someone's skin as smooth and as porcelain as a baby's butt!!


And by the way seasons 1,2,3,4 and I think 5 her skin was bangin'!! I don't know what's happened??!! All of that fabulous looking plastic surgery and then that awful skin! Sorry Vicki if you read these things but I do think you are a beautiful woman it's just your skin has taken a hit I guess from all of the stress you have been under. Don't worry it can be fixed girlfriend!!

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