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April 23, 2013



Is 'she' a guy?


This was her reunion look, In the Mrs Roper evening wear caftan and her Cab Calloway coiffure


I think Candy should be replaced. She's boring, I don't care for her music or career. I think she's just on the show to promote herself.

Porsha should stay, she is adorable, young, in love and so confused just like alot of us. It will be fun to see her grow into a tough mature woman.


Congrats on your awesome talent and Happy Anniversary to you and your partner!


LOVE the picture!
They should get rid of that lying, conceited, show off Kendra. She makes my blood boil!

She is not gone with the wind fabulous...she just should be gone with the wind!


My vote is for Kendra or Kandi. I used to really like Kandi and now, well she just seems so negative and not that into appearing on the show. She just seems to be appearing on the show in order to promote herself. But ya know is everybody else. But I just wish Kandi would liven up a little. It's like she needs a fire under her booty or something.

I no likey Gone with the Wind unfabulous Kendra. She is a big trouble maker and the rudest housewife I have ever seen on any of the franchises. Woopsy I mean the second rudest next to Teresa on New Jersey. She is just nasty and I think Bravo should can her and let her twirl on back to wherever she came from because I nevahhhh heard of her before the Housewives put her on. And she acts like she is all kinds of famous. I hope Bravo does the right thing and gets rid of her! But this is just my opinion!


Oopss!! Almost forgot!! Love, love, love your drawing of Ms. Lekes! Fantastic!! You are a GENIUS David! But really miss the synopsis of every show now. We only get morsels from you....3 or 4 lines :) I used to look forward all week to your dress downs of these fantabulous women but alas it tis no more....I say so sadly. Please, please David give us some more of your opinions of these women! Just one a week would be fine! I am all kinds of happy for you if you are way too busy now to write longer synopsis of these trashtastic ladies on the Housewives though!! So GOOD FOR YOU David!!


Please get rid of Porsche....just awful.
Nene needs a was she wearing?



1. "Candy"s name is Kandi (The White Trash Way - or actually I dont know which spelling is worse)
2. "Porsche"s name is Porsha
3. "Kendra"s name is Kenya (This is not Girls of the Playboy Mansion - or is it?)
4. And NeNes last name is LEAKES - not "Lekes".

My work here is done.

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