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March 20, 2013


Erma Diaz

Big perhaps but not suprisingly, LIMP!! YOUR A GENIUS!!

Ms Urethra Franklin

I would have thought that she was uncircumcised...


hahahahahahahahahahjajajajajaja!!! This is too much!!! jahahahhahaha! I hate that woman! she is ugly! !! Inside and out!



iamrealitytvlover (@babstheshopper)

Absolutely perfect and so fitting to match her super ugly person. Now if you could only make her dick wiggle...well I would be eternally greatful. Hope the world sees your great handiwork. You rock!!!


Faye is looking more and more like E.T.


Faye is a piece of work no doubt. She reminds me of the clueless trouble maker who makes appearances on the Jersey Housewives.

One thing I've noticed is that the men that appear on Bravo are lacking in the masculinity department. Have they all been neutered or something? Must be their women like them that way...

Punky Brewstein

this is the best, thank you!


OMG! Genius! As soon as I heard that line I thought "please let David Gilmore illustrate this".. And you did!! It's just as hilarious as I imagined. It almost takes the place in my heart of Danielle Staub as the grinch with a square tit. Haha! Love your work!


Love, love, love it! She's awful!


That is hysterical! Gave me a big laugh. Great work!


@Emma Diaz: The morally corrupt Faye Resnick is Jewish, so of course she is circumcised. Lol


that line killed me. Love Brandy!

Jen Gary-Baker

Can't believe I missed this - so funny!

Jen in PA

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