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March 27, 2013


Cissie P

Beautiful photo!
Congratulations on your 18th Anniversary! <3


Aww, sweet picture. Congratulations on reaching 18 years...hetero female here who can't seem to reach 5, so who's ruining marriage, again? :)

Jen Gary-Baker

I love, love, love this! Congrats to you both - we just celebrated 18 years of marriage last month too!

Jen in PA

Jenn "Simpy"

Awwww! Congrats on your 18th anniversary! That is a beautiful/ powerful picture! Can't wait to go to the wedding one day because I know it will happen soon and it will be amazing! Equality for all!


Beautiful! Congratulations on 18 years of happiness - I wish you many more.


Congratulations!!!!! and hopefully soon it can be legal for us all in CA.


Happy anneversery! love the photo and your story :-) <3 love is love. I spoke about this with my bf today and we are so disgusted that there actually are ppl out there whos opinions stops gay ppl from marrige. Why do they feel like their lives would be any different?! How the hell would that affect them? Just dont attend the cermonies if you have that much of an opinion about it, idiots! Human rights for all!!!!!!!!!!! Equality!!!!!!!!! Love!!!!!!!!


This is beautiful.

Mary Hayes

What a beautiful, powerful picture. No matter what anyone says, that kind of commitment IS a marriage.

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