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January 14, 2013



OMG David, that is hilarious & I think 1 of my favs. In this case, it seems safe to say the curtains definitely match the drapes! As always, LOVE your work!
ps...posting this on Twitter - wish you'd join.


Brilliant. As usual. Sharing with my blog readers with link an attribution. As usual.




Just saw this on tamara tattles. This is brillant! Heading to your Etsy store to see more!


I love the artistry of her ombre hair & skin. The scowl, crazy eyes, and homage to Carol Burnett's parody are hysterical...


Everyone in my office thinks I'm a nutcase for laughing so loud all by myself. Love that FACE.


OMG! This is just too perfect! God! I love creative minds! Brilliant! Applaud Applaud! TamaraTattles and this perfect together. :)


Too precious. That thing on here head looks like a turd landed and splattered. This chick is walking manipulation and we are all being manipulated by BRAVO as they prepare for NeNe's departure. They needed another LOUD, ghetto, angry, in your face caricature of a Black woman and Marlo didn't hit is so now we have Kenya. That turd landed just where it should have.


I love the picture. Carol Burnett would be proud of you.


I don't think Nene is leaving, she is irreplaceable. First I thought Kenya was crazy but I like her now. She makes it interesting at least. Starting not to like Phaedra the freeloader.


David, every time I see Yolonda on RHOBH I mentally beg you to draw that upper lip of hers.


This beast has never looked better, excellent work DG.

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