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September 14, 2012



Oh that is so awesome u captured her perfectly!


oh my god babe, this is great! a masterpiece!!!!! xooxox


i love your pics, i love your site and i love everything you do about TRHW'S. i have been on this site for years & after seeing momma elsa i had to comment. you protray her so well! keep up the fantastic work. you are truly bessed with a great talent. never lose it. ramona & luann are pretty spot on as well :)

Your No. 1 Fan

You said it, Buster. It's as if these wimmen come from another solar system far far away. Stunning Joanna has no identity nor self awareness whatsoever other than being (forgive me) "Pretty on the Outside." A day will come when she can no longer pass herself off as the supermodel and her lack of character and she will find her in a pretty pickle and wind up with a hatchet face from endless plastic surgeries. Mark my words. She is so vapid that she might not notice.

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