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September 05, 2012



Come on David, draw the new girls - can't wait to see what you come up with! We are all in suspense!

chef biatch

I loved it when Aviva said "Quite frankly, I expected a party!"

How self-absorbed can one woman be?

dragon girl

That Aviva moment was kind of a spoof on the other crazy tall one..... Kelly Bensimon right?


I can't believe you took Ramona's side. Ramona has been hideous all season. I know Aviva went a little too far, but ramona' s crazy. Love the drawing.

Kimberly Cooper

I love that drink - had it w/o the lime. Delish! Great drawing as always. And I do think Aviva was over the top on that one - totally overreacted!


When O when are you going to be sitting across from Andy Cohen with a big glass of Cab in your hand?

Love your insights every bit as much as your art :)


Ramona is going through a mid life crisis
she doesn't want to acknowledge she is in her fifties no one wants to see her nude
or drunk
Sonja is going through depression from going from being filthy rich to being poor and dirty- don't you wonder about the dirty house she lives in. yuck
Both are lushes and white trash or trailer trash


Um, is this for sale? As an avid RH fan and someone whose last name will be "Reid" in four weeks, I think I need to have this! :)

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